Libby Liburd Actor & Writer
"As a performer Libby has a rare skill; you can hear the collective gasps reverberating around the theatre as she draws you in so completely that you are no longer watching from the sidelines, but living the moment through the eyes of these women...It’s a world that almost two million single mothers inhabit in the UK alone, yet so very few of us ever talk about these experiences. The emotional rollercoaster that Muvvahood takes you on is not only a piece of art, it is a political masterpiece." Ellamental Mama for MUVVAHOOD "With a great sense of timing and a natural gift for comedy...she's not flawless, she's an everywoman and so very relatable... her words never feel less than heartfelt and genuine...As a childfree businesswoman, it both surprises and humbles me how much one 60-minute show has challenged my own preconceptions of how the benefits reforms are affecting real people like Liburd. A lot of political theatre is angry, shouty stuff which fails to get its message across because it focuses solely on the ideology and ignores the importance of the entertainment value. Liburd is much smarter than that, knowing she can find a more sympathetic audience for her cause if she speaks in a way that makes us want to listen. Muvvahood is a sharp, humorous and clever piece of political theatre." Views From The Gods for MUVVAHOOD "The cast are exceptional to say the least...strength and stoicism presented by Libby Liburd’s Bess" London Theatre 1 for KINGS "Libby Liburd captures the mardy Bess perfectly" Theatre Weekly for KINGS "Suberbly acted...riveting and compassionate" The Stage for KING Review of Scratch performance of MUVVAHOOD at The Camden People's Theatre on 19th September: "...Libby Liburd in MUVVAHOOD. Liburd’s piece took a more traditional monologue format, but its verbatim explorations of single-motherhood in the age of austerity hit home in an affecting manner. Liburd’s performance was a clear moment of hard political feminism, a stark reminder that, as well as being subject to cultural and implicit discrimination, women still face explicit material and institutional discrimination in housing and welfare, intersected by the vagaries of the class system." Lewis Church, Exeunt Magazine Notable mentions: “...a cross between Joyce Grenfell, Dawn French and Dame Edna Everage” The Stage (Cinderella) “...particularly hilarious...loveable and slapstick” Southend Echo (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) “ You're so cute!” Sarah Jessica Parker “ Who are you? You're really funny! ” Duncan from Blue